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Training and Consulting


Training managed by Cars experts

When the trainer speaks on behalf of Quattroruote Professional, the classroom is transformed and a truth becomes certainty.

Choose to make training a profitable and exciting experience.


The Quattroruote Professional Academy carries out training courses adapted to the areas of interest and the needs of professionals.

Multi-channel and Multi-thematic. These are the main features of the Quattroruote Professional training proposal, thanks to the “experiences” that can be organized in a traditional classroom, in virtual or even using the Vairano circuit and the ability to deepen the issues in Sales, Aftersales, Aftermarket and Used Vehicles.

Starting from managerial skills up to technical insights, it will be possible to experience training within the automotive world.

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Why choose us

Because our expertise comes from the passion for the four-wheels world and the car has always been at the center of our thoughts.

Because our knowledge is transversal and feeds on deep relationships with car manufacturers, insurance companies and the entire aftermarket world.


Courses intended for a wide range of professionals, from the Sales Manager of a car manufacturer, to the owner of a dealership, up to the salesmen of the Salons.
With the Quattroruote Professional experts it will be possible to explore the dynamics and processes related to the launch of vehicles, their sale and the marketing activities necessary to develop the business.

Used cars

The management of used vehicles is a recurring theme in the reasoning of car manufacturers, dealerships and salons, but above all an important item to manage in the budget.
With Quattroruote Professional it is possible to structure training courses that start from labeling up to sales processes, passing through the management of the car fleet.


An increasingly dynamic and complex area that deserves continuous updates and insights at all levels.
Thanks to partnerships on all fronts, Quattroruote Professional is able to deal with issues relating to vehicle maintenance and repair by analysing winning approaches and unveiling the scenarios that will determine future balances.

Focus Officina

Car workshop Focus.

The Focus Officina training project was born from a partnership with another independent institution in the Aftermarket world, Autopromotec. The project is dedicated to workshops and body shops that want to deepen the managerial and marketing issues to stand out in the market and aim to be successful.


Relying on significant skills

Quattroruote Professional’s consulting activity can be the ideal solution to speed up your business, analyse processes by finding possible optimizations and unhinging inefficient routines. Our consulting services are based on the wealth of information available within the Quattroruote System, on transversal collaborations in the various areas with leading companies in the sector and above all on a team with consolidated skills.


The consultancy approach of Quattroruote Professional, arises from continuous dialogue with all the interlocutors of the various supply chains (Automotive and Repair) and is expressed in various activities, from the analysis of complete databases adapted to customer needs, to the design of approaches and modern processes, up to the implementation of modern and effective Business Intelligence applications.

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Why choose us

Because Quattroruote Professional is part of the Quattroruote System and from this it continuously draws sap to feed its knowledge and broaden its vision.
Because no one can boast such a deep verticality in all issues related to the car.

Business Intelligence

Consulting, design and implementation of data analysis solutions.


Consulting, design, implementation of Solutions to support business processes and business development.

Network classification

Customer mapping process through complete market analysis and dedicated approaches (questionnaires, interviews, workshops).


Analysis of purchasing behavior, market data, competitor products, geomarketing.