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Everything is based on BANCA DATI and Infocar code

Digital data and solutions for automotive professionals

The Infocar Database has been synonymous with quality, completeness and reliability for 30 years for those who work in the production, distribution and services related to cars.

Innovative data and solutions that support the commercial processes of new, used and after-sales market and the relationship with the final consumer, who has always had Quattroruote as a reference.

Data, services and analysis to profitably manage the car business and planning ahead.

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Our complete and customizable offer, able to respond in a modular way to every customer need, is represented by various products: the innovative Infocar data integration Web services with search by license plate, the Infocar Web sales system, the Forecast Values again and used by Infocar Preview, Quattroruote quotations by Infocar QOL and Used Dealer Quotations and also the Business Intelligence activities to support the launch of new products or customer management processes.

Our products will become an integral and indispensable part of your business.


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Why choose us

We are an integral part of Quattroruote and we are the only ones to have all the tools necessary to provide you with top-level data and digital solutions for the automotive sector. You should choose us because nobody knows the market like we do.

Infocar Preview

Starting from the Quattroruote database and from the estimates of the residual values processed monthly by our specialists, the software offers a series of functions useful for understanding and customizing these estimates.
The forecast system adopted makes it possible to predict what the value of a given car will be after 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 months from purchase.

Infocar Web3

It is the best known and best-selling software for structured sales, integrated with the Quattroruote database.
Developed with the latest technologies, Infocar WEB3 is increasingly evolved and designed for the needs of car professionals.
It is the ideal tool for any type of company that wants to structure, plan, control and manage the car sales process with strictness and effectiveness.

Online Quotations

It is the web service designed for professionals who need to consult a quote or calculate a personalized one.

Used Car Quotations for dealers

It is the only publication on the market that in a single volume contains all the information relevant to the negotiation:

  • trade-in values
  • sales values
  • reference km
  • descriptive and enhancing notes

Infocar bike

It contains all the information from the Dueruote database, useful for those who work in the motorcycle world. The information comes from official documentation provided by manufacturers or by their importers. For each motorcycle and moped sold in Italy, the database contains:

  • Technical data from 2000 to today
  • Prices
  • Evaluation of used vehicles, referring to the last 9 years.

Infocar Classic

It is a product integrated with information from the RUOTECLASSICHE database, a true reference point for those who need to determine the value of a used vehicle.
The database consists of files related to cars and off-road vehicles, motorcycles and American cars.

Infocar Data

The most authoritative database for automotive operators, with information for cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles.
The technical data are constantly updated and the quotations are processed on the basis of accurate market research and continuous meetings with the distribution operators and with the second-hand managers of the car manufacturers.

Infocar Fleet

The innovative Quattroruote Professional system for managing the company CAR POLICY.
With Infocar Fleet you encode the rules of your Car Policy. You can set up the Car list for each specific driver profile. You and your drivers will always be in touch.