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Car Repair



With Infocar Repair you only need to know the license plate number of a car to have all the technical information for the repair in a few seconds.

Are you a mechanic? For the first time you can find in a single tool:

  • car inspection and official checklist,
  • recall campaigns,
  • graphic selection of original and equivalent spare parts,
  • lists and prices of spare parts updated in real time.

Are you a spare parts dealer? You can make your e-commerce site even more efficient by integrating it with Infocar Repair.


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Infocar Repair and Infocar RICAMBI & TEMPARI (spare parts and processing times database) are the most effective way to offer its users great advantages:

  • you can quickly and accurately identify the vehicle through the license plate,
  • it is possible to obtain the “valid” information of the vehicle: chassis, engine code, date of first registration,
  • you can access the information in the Quattroruote Professional Spare Parts Database (including spare parts codes and list prices of original and equivalent spare parts) through graphic and / or textual navigation,
  • you can add the spare part directly to the cart on the portal with a click

Infocar Repair is quality and completeness, thanks to the collaboration and data integration of three leading repair companies: Quattroruote Professional, Autodata and TecDoc.

Increase the efficiency of your work and your e-commerce with Infocar Repair and Infocar Ricambi & Tempari.

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Why choose us

Because we are the only ones to offer you an integrated package for repairs and communication with your customers and partners. From the estimate, made in a few seconds, to the issuance of tax documents up to the notices for the final consumer.

Infocar listini ricambi web

Infocar web spare parts lists.

The first service dedicated to operators in the car repair sector (car repairers, spare parts dealers, car wreckers) that allows you to consult online spare parts lists starting from the vehicle plate.
The information comes directly from the RICAMBI & TEMPARI (spare parts and processing times database) database which is constantly updated and also integrated with quality spare parts.

Infocar repair

For the first time, you have a perfectly integrated mechanics and bodywork estimator in a single tool. You can thus manage claims with a proven platform that helps you not forget documents and deadlines. Thanks to the presence of the official codes you always have under control the traceability of spare parts. In addition, you always have the Quattroruote spare parts database online with all the original spare parts and, through integration with TECDOC inside, you also have those of corresponding quality to manage an order easily.

Infocar Winnc

Winnc is the Quattroruote Professional software created for the complete management of bodywork damage. What differentiates Winnc from other budgeting software is the method by which this data is used and made available to the user. The entire damage estimation process is managed in a clear way, thanks to the use of automatisms, simplifying the bureaucratic activities, both towards the customer and towards the Companies.


Spare parts and processing times database.

For a quick and objective evaluation of the costs of spare parts and repair times, it is an indispensable and complementary tool to the estimation software for evaluating the restoration of a damaged car.

“Ricambi & Tempari” Database

The “Ricambi & Tempari” (Spare parts and processing times) database of Editoriale Domus provides repair professionals with data and technical information regarding:

  • Replacement and repair times for passenger cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles (LCV)
  • Spare parts lists for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, light commercial vehicles (LCV) and industrial vehicles

Infocar Wintouch

This solution allows you to accurately detect the times of each processing with the aim of keeping the profitability of the company under control. Infocar WINTOUCH can be used both as a software independent of the estimator in use, and in combination with the acceptance and budgeting module of the Infocar WINNC and Infocar REPAIR platforms, it can also integrate data from the accounting management system.