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More than 20 years of presence in the automotive and insurance market have made Quattroruote Professional Products and Services the professional reference of Editoriale Domus Spa for the automotive market. With a constantly growing turnover trend, Quattroruote Professional provides more than 10,000 customers with its data and services.
The Quattroruote Databank, based on the Infocar Code, today represents a strategic support for the business of sector operators, thanks to the know-how and experience that the Quattroruote Professional specialists can offer to:

    • Car manufacturers
    • Dealers and multi-brand salons
    • Rental company
    • Financial companies
    • Insurance companies
    • Insurance brokers
    • Insurance adjusters
    • Public administrations
    • Fleet owners

Quattroruote Professional is able to offer complete solutions by combining the highly technological products of the Infocar line with new consulting and training services. The Infocar line features state-of-the-art software products, Cars Data Banks and quotations. It is flanked by the “Spare Parts and Timing” Data Bank with its publications. Finally, there is the offer of Business Intelligence services dedicated to professionals in the sector.

quattroruote professional

Quattroruote Professional is the business unit of Editoriale Domus that offers professional products and services to operators in the automotive sector.
Our goal is to be your reliable and innovative business partner, capable of providing with quality and professionalism:

  • Quattroruote databases, complete with all information for price lists, technical data, quotations and spare parts
  • IT products for the sale of cars and the management of internal processes, with the INFOCAR line applications
  • Professional publishing publications
  • Customised services and projects

Many professionals in the automotive, insurance and car repair market use our products and solutions every day, making Quattroruote Professional one of the most authoritative professional references.

A success built on the quality and reliability of the Quattroruote Databank, considered today the most complete for the automotive world in Italy. And above all thanks to the ability to transfer the knowledge of the Quattroruote System to car professionals, through innovative solutions designed to optimise the efficiency of commercial processes and the relationship with the final customer.

A unique offer on the market, which has the characteristic of using a language shared by all the parties involved.


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Our history

For more than 20 years Quattroruote Professional has been a constant and continuously growing presence in the automotive and insurance market.

With the birth of the Car Data Bank in 1987, the foundations were laid for the development of the range of products and services dedicated to professional automotive operators.

In 1992 the Infocar INS database was born, which soon became a standard for the insurance sector.

A fundamental step for our development was the birth of Infocar PC, in 1997, the structured sales software with the Quattroruote database, introduced for the first time to manufacturers and car dealerships. A product that immediately attracted a high level of interest for its innovative contents thanks to the presence of Quattroruote quotations and to features that allowed to give method and structure to the sales process.

The innovation continues and in 2003 comes the launch of the Infocar WEB line, the evolution on the WEB of the previous Infocar PC: the transition from CD to the new Internet era has begun.

The 2004 decision to acquire the ED.ASS company from ANIA is strategic: it is the entry into the car repair area, with the availability of spare parts lists and the determination of repair and replacement times. A great work of normalization and structuring of information begins, which compose a new database, launched in 2005: RICAMBI & TEMPARI (spare parts and processing times).

A continuous growth that leads us in 2008 to consolidate the leadership of Infocar Web with the launch of the new and innovative Infocar Web2. But that is not all: used cars quotations are renewed with the arrival of Used cars Quotations for Dealer, the new red book with exclusive features with the “All Inclusive” formula and above all our presence in the insurance sector is consolidated, with the presentation of Infocar NET and new customised solutions.

The last, most recent, years have still brought continuous innovations, from the third version of Infocar Web to new products and solutions for the world of car repairs and insurance.

And again in 2019 there were the important acquisitions of IBI and SoftWay which brought further know-how respectively in the fields of digital services and in the world of motorcycles, with the consequent expansion of the Digital Services area and the birth of DueRuote Professional.

A story made of commitment, great professionalism and many awards from the market. A future full of great news, with the commitment to continue improving ourselves for the satisfaction of our customers.

our team

The passion for the car drives us

Why choose Quattroruote Professional?
First of all for the professionalism and know-how that our professionals in the commercial and technical areas have gained over the years alongside the operators of the sector and our editorial staff.

We know what we are talking about …
Our people come from direct experiences in the automotive world and have a deep know-how on the management and commercial processes of each specific sector. We aim to be not only sellers, but also qualified interlocutors able to analyze and identify new solutions that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the commercial processes that revolve around the car. And we are always available to our customers with the commercial secretariat and with our technical assistance.

A qualified team of about 50 people develops, updates and manages the complex structures of the database and IT applications every day. Selected and highly trained technicians, able to translate the different needs of our customers into data and applications. With one goal: to maintain the highest standards in terms of speed of updating, information quality, performance of our systems and customer satisfaction.