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Quattroruote Professional supports Insurance Companies and Service Providers in containing costs and creating value, mainly in the areas of policy underwriting, car claims management, trust and distribution networks, fleet risk management and car parks.

Our quotations have always satisfied the needs of agencies, experts and adjusters.

The Infocar database and Quattroruote quotations have always been the actuary reference point for almost all insurance companies and agencies for the management of the policy.

With the “Ricambi & Tempari” (spare parts and processing times) database and the accident prevention systems, we support those responsible for the settlement of damages with data and tools for the management of the authority process and the relationship with the trustees of the repair chain.

In addition, with modern Business Intelligence systems, we offer solutions for the analysis and evaluation of its own network of trustees, supporting management in the optimization and monitoring of the average cost of repairs.


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Thanks to the expertise gained in the sector in over 60 years of experience and the aptitude for innovation, we are able to provide you with the digital solutions, training and Business Intelligence analysis necessary to better support you in the challenges of the insurance market.

Infocar Ins

The Quattroruote database designed for insurance companies, in order to determine the precise value of a vehicle.

It refers to passenger cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles sold in Italy in the last 10 years and contains:

  • Descriptions
  • Identification codes, including the Infocar code
  • Approval codes and dates
  • Technical features
  • Prices
  • Equipment
  • Used car quotations

Insurance Pro

It is the working tool designed to facilitate the evaluation of a vehicle in the process of taking charge and in the settlement of damages. The search system allows you to identify a vehicle in a simple and precise way by entering the license plate number (up to 1,000 consultations), the Infocar code or a keyword of the vehicle description (be it a car, an off-road vehicle, a light commercial vehicle or a pick-up).

Ricambi & tempari

Spare parts and processing times
The only publication for a quick and objective evaluation of the costs of spare parts and repair times, an indispensable and complementary tool to the estimation software for evaluating the restoration of a damaged car.


Insured value.

It is the largest and most complete monthly publication of data on passenger cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles for sale in the Italian market in the last ten years, created specifically for the world of insurance professionals.

“Ricambi & Tempari” Database

The “Ricambi & Tempari” (Spare parts and processing times) database of Editoriale Domus provides repair professionals with data and technical information regarding:

  • Replacement and repair times for passenger cars, off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles (LCV)
  • Spare parts lists for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, light commercial vehicles (LCV) and industrial vehicles

Infocar bike

It contains all the information from the Dueruote database, useful for those who work in the motorcycle world. The information comes from official documentation provided by manufacturers or by their importers. For each motorcycle and moped sold in Italy, the database contains:

  • Technical data from 2000 to today
  • Prices
  • Evaluation of used vehicles, referring to the last 9 years.

Infocar Classic

It is a product integrated with information from the RUOTECLASSICHE database, a true reference point for those who need to determine the value of a used vehicle.
The database consists of files related to cars and off-road vehicles, motorcycles and American cars.


Used cars Quotations.

Our quotations, which we supply to almost the entire insurance market, have always satisfied every need of experts, agencies and liquidators. Our infocar code is a key shared by the market that allows us to uniquely identify the brand, model and version of a vehicle.

Business Intelligence
Training & consulting



Our estimator, integrated into the Company’s Authority processes, allows you to determine the processing times and costs of the spare parts involved in the repair, favoring a correct authorization process and control of the work carried out by the trust network.

In addition, thanks to the innovative searching system by number plate, you can correctly and quickly identify a vehicle and its spare parts.